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We carefully screened and compiled the equipment needed to completely outfit a typical rock/folk/country/alternative music group. We chose all this gear to offer high quality and value, to provide long lasting, good sounding music for years to come. If a new band were to purchase this package, they would NOT HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING ELSE FOR FIVE YEARS, unless they wanted to upgrade to louder amps. This package is perfect for rehearsals, small clubs, dances, receptions, parties and bars.

INCLUDED: a Guitar Players Package, a Bass Players Package, a Band PA Package and a Drummers Package. It includes a strat style electric guitar with amp, gig bag, cable, tuner, stand and extra strings; a precision-style electric bass guitar with amp, gig bag, stand, cable, tuner and extra strings, a complete drum set with 5 drums, double-braced hardware, pedals and cymbals: a complete band PA system with 4 channel 75 watt amp/mixer, two speakers with 10" and horn in each cabinet, 2 professional grade microphones with cables and clips and two tripod mic stands. All wiring is included. All instructions are included to unbox, set up and play. see fax order form

We offer all this for just $ 2,000.00 ! Two grand flat!



complete 5 piece drum set with cymbals and hardware


Pignose PA100 with

2 mics and stands
 Abilene full size electric guitar, Gorilla GG20R amp with reverb, strap, tuner, gig bag, guitar stand and 3 extra sets of strings  Abilene full size electric bass guitar, strap, Gorilla GB30 amp, stand, tuner, gig bag and an extra set of bass strings  Adam quality 5 piece drum set wth metal snare, two mounted toms and a floor tom, 22" bass drum with hardware, double braced cymbal, snare and high hat stands, complete with cymbals ( 14" high hats, 16" crash, 20" ride), sticks and drum key. black, red, white, or blue shells.  Pignose PA100 4 channel PA system with 75 watts RMS, XLR and 1/4" inputs, internal reverb, effects loop, two full range cabinets each with a 10" woofer and horn tweeter. Also: two pro microphjones with cables and tripod stands.


GG20R amp


GB20 bass amp


2 tuners, 2 stands
       The BAND PACKAGE comes with all these accessories, and includes all wiring, cables and instructions. There is nothing more needed except musical inspiration!

ADD ONs: add a second Guitar Players Package with acoustic/electric: add $ 410.00

Add a Guitar Player Package with LesPaul style solidbody guitar for $ 420.00

Add a third singer to the band with a Singers Package for $ 100.00

Add a MIDI Keyboard Package to the band for just $ 250.00

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